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We work together across departmental, geographical and cultural boundaries to deliver excellence to our customers and exceed their expectations every day, as we collectively work towards making a difference in the world.




We are a global organisation committed to achieving better patient outcomes through comprehensive GP education and universal access to diagnosis and treatment. The service we provide is the excellent output of over 150 passionate people, based across five countries and operating through four businesses.

The HealthCert Group


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Through our comprehensive education programs, we equip medical professionals with the knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat skin cancer and other medical conditions with confidence.


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As Australia’s leading provider of skin cancer services, we are dedicated to delivering effective, quick and low-cost access to diagnosis and treatment in our purpose-built clinics across the country. Select clinics also offer skin repair and rejuvenation services to meet patients' overall skin health needs.

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Through our eDerm Technology platform we provide tele-dermatology and tele-dermoscopy software solutions to national health systems and corporate healthcare organisations around the world.



A world where nobody dies of skin cancer.



To save lives through skin cancer education and universal access to diagnosis and treatment.


The idea to create an innovative skin cancer education and healthcare delivery model sparked the birth of HealthCert on July 1, 2006. To date, our journey has seen the development of three businesses which serve doctors and patients globally and help save lives every day.
My experience in the skin cancer business made me realise that unfortunately GPs don't receive the necessary training to manage skin cancer with confidence. In collaboration with The University of Queensland, we developed the world's first university-certified primary care skin cancer course with academic credit into a Master's program. Today, we work with six universities globally and have released more than 50 certificate and professional diploma courses in various medical fields which have helped upskill thousands of doctors from all over the globe.
In 2009, we opened our first state-of-the-art skin cancer facility in Queensland to provide patients and local GPs with low-cost, quick access to vital skin cancer care. Currently, our network includes 22 dedicated skin cancer centres across Australia. All facilities are staffed with specially trained doctors and nurses who deliver care to the highest clinical standards and help reduce the burden on the public hospital system and specialist practices. Select clinics also offer skin repair and rejuvenation services.
We always look to be ahead of the curve and this also includes the development of technologies which will be at the forefront of clinical services in the future. Based on our vision to enable quick access to specialist diagnosis to patients in rural and remote areas, we created a Tele-Dermatology platform which allows "virtual consultations" with consultant dermatologists.
The commonality with all three businesses is our vision, purpose, core values – and our unique team of exceptionally talented and dedicated people who share a passion for making a difference and saving lives.
Paul Elmslie
Founder & CEO



Paul Elmslie

Founder and CEO
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Born in Australia, Paul has almost 20 years' work experience with a focus on skin cancer. He was a pioneer of the original subspecialised skin cancer business model and owns the National Skin Cancer Centres, a network of dedicated skin cancer referral centres and training facilities across several states of Australia.



“We believe that our people and our culture are the most important assets of our company. If our people work together as one team, we can handle any challenge. We are here to make a difference.”
– Paul Elmslie, Founder & CEO



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